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The Wings of Justice were a famous elite police squad that earned its reputation by dismantling gangs, solving seemingly inexplicable cases, and investigating the biggest political fish in the pond. Notorious for making little fuss of the rules, they served justice at all costs. But one day they simply disappeared… and even today strange stories continue to surround their tragic end.

Play as the last member of the Wings, carrying on their legacy by fighting crimes and facing your own troubled past for the sake of Lady Justice!

Discovers more colorful characters soon!

"Wings of Justice" is an episodic detective visual novel. Episode one emphasizes user choice and the ability to solve the case the way you want according to the characters you like best. Feel free to play the bad cop, or try to be nice every time!

Use the notes in your file for interrogating the witness!Use the notes in your file for interrogating the witness!

Gathering clues and meeting characters are the main ways to solve the first episode's case, but the game also gives you the capacity to build hypotheses and interrogate the different characters about them. Be careful! Releasing confidential information or making false accusations could have unpredictable consequences for the rest of the investigation. But maybe you'll be cunning enough to get away with uncovering events and punishing the culprit the way you want…?

Make your choice! It will matter for the rest!Make your choice! It will matter for the rest!

The first season will have four episodes, each featuring one criminal case. Here are their pitches:

  • Episode 1: An irascible young man discovers his computer destroyed at home. A simple case to learn the basics of an investigation.
  • Episode 2: A business woman has been found dead. Is it due to a love affair, professional rivalry, or a simple suicide? Her father, a former outlaw biker, is back in town to mourn his daughter and seek vengeance. Find the culprit quickly, or you might have a new dead body on your hands...
  • Episode 3: A burglary has turned into a bloodbath, leaving a young girl orphaned. Captain Invidia personally takes charge of this case, and she is determined that justice will be served!
  • Episode 4: The team is ordered to investigate a murder case in an insane asylum, but they are soon trapped inside the building by a violent storm... A long and restless night is ahead!
We are currently looking to fund the entire season. We are planning for four episodes with a new exciting gameplay feature added to each one, such as the ability to organize police tailing or raids, new exciting detective characters, and an exploration system. We have plenty of ideas we want to try out and show you! But we won't forget to work on the basics of a visual novel between each episode. As our team becomes more experienced, we are looking forward to adding more animations and sound or graphical effects to upgrade the player experience. Here are our budget needs for the different episodes:
  • BunnyBunny - Coordinator and main programmer
  • X-NL - Writer
  • Fantaminette - Translator
  • altairity – Editor and proofreader
  • YuukiCrossPudding - Character artist
  • Christopher Carlonec - Composer

We also have a partnership with Manju Zoo Studios for recruiting voice talents!


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